Flowers of Remembrance

At the invitation of Maria del Pilar Kaladeen of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Big Ideas’ Dr Yewande Okuleye laid an Unremembered wreath at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Senate House, University of London, on the 11th of November 2021.

This Unremembered wreath is dedicated to the Guyanese soldiers and labourers of the First World War. The original wreath was created by the Guyanese community in London, pictured below at the Senate House in 2018.

Third wreath from the left: The original Unremembered wreath for the Guyanese soldiers and labourers, laid at the Senate House in November 2018

Dr Okuleye said, “I felt moved and honoured to lay a wreath to the Guyanese military personnel who died in WW1. 

The Big Ideas Unremembered program provided a space for community groups to weave personal stories and memories into the fabric of our national remembrance. My participation in the event deepened my resolve to continue my commemoration research.

I remain inspired by the wreath made by the Guyanese community because it reminds us that community action can raise awareness and lead to change.” 

Maria del Pilar Kaladeen continues her work on social justice in history with a focus on the stories of the indentured labourers who travelled from India to work in the Caribbean, marked in The Other Windrush, a fascinating collection of stories, histories and reflections. 

The Indentured Remembered, a public event on zoom, takes place online on 7 December. Find out more here.