Young woman using the 1851der VR glasses at the Great Exhibition Road Festival.

Big Ideas workshops are interactive and engaging, and take place online or in-person.

Big Ideas delivers engaging and interactive workshops and sessions in-person and digitally. From classrooms to the Cabinet Office, school classes to football clubs, workplaces to Women’s Institute, our workshops are standalone participation events and activators for our programmes.

Workshop frameworks are integrated into our resource materials as a tool for teachers and group leaders to initiate activity. The Big Ideas team delivers digital workshops within programme strands such as the annual Premier League Education Truce Challenge or Foundation Stones.

We also write the programme of workshop sessions for the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade each term, providing a themed activity for each week for their young facilitators to run with their groups, adapted for the different age groups plus a digital version. These central resources are then distributed by JLGB across their network for weekly use.