Members of Labour Corps around the world are often forgotten, their names lost in time. Get together with your local community and create your own ‘Unremembered Memorial’ to remember The Unremembered of the First World War.

Liverpool FC and Everton FC Academies creating their own Living Memorial for the Chinese Labour Corps buried in Liverpool. Photo: Nick Taylor/LFC

What is an Unremembered Memorial?

A ‘Unremembered Memorial’ is a group of people who hold up certificates bearing the names of members of the Labour Corps who served in the First World War and are buried or commemorated in the UK. This is a simple and memorable remembrance activity that is easy to organise.

Members of the local community in Leicester coming together to create a Living Memorial for the Indian Labour Corps

With these certificates you can hold these names up high as a unique way to participate in remembrance activity in November, in particular around 11 November (Armistice Day) or Remembrance Sunday.

Community groups can apply to The Unremembered team to create Unremembered certificates. Each certificate bears the name of an individual member of the Labour Corps who served during the First World War, and an award for participation on the back. We will produce the certificates and sends them to you to create the Unremembered Memorial. Community members can keep the certificate afterwards as a memory of remembering the Labour Corps.

Throughout September–November 2017, community groups across the UK will organise Unremembered Memorials across the UK to commemorate the Labour Corps, who came from all over the world to serve during the First World War. Be part of this global story.

> Watch our Unremembered Memorial that took place with community groups in Leicester this May

The ‘Unremembered Memorial’ is part of The Unremembered, a programme led by the Big Ideas Company and publicly funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government, commemorating the bravery and sacrifice of the Labour Corps throughout the First World War.

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